Slide Bobby Lloyd

Core Skills

Researcher - 5+ yrs

WHAT are we designing and for WHOM? Without research we are guessing. We need more than just analytics to design a user friendly application.

strategist - 10+ yrs

WHAT paths are we taking and HOW? Application architecture is the core of User Experience. Exposing edge-cases early saves time and money!

Designer - 10+ yrs

How does it look and WHY? Branding is the "face" of an application. There is a science to making color and line placement appealing.


A new mobile and desktop application for forecasting, ordering, and monitoring inventory.
A redesign of an existing B2B application, to include attributes for a newly acquired company.
A same-day delivery tracking application, for mobile and desktop.
A proof of concept redesign of Cricket’s in-store agent and customer application.