bobby who?

The pioneer…

I have been professionally designing since the late 1900’s! I call myself a pioneer because despite UX’s recent gain in popularity, I have to blaze trails daily to evangelize  our true purpose in AGILE, SDLC and the corporate world as a whole.

The artist…

I earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Southern University A &M in Baton Rouge, La. and like most UXers my humble beginnings are rooted in graphic design.

the jack of some trades…

I had the unforeseen privilege of gaining extensive user empathy early in my career. This was accomplished by:

  • a stint of QA testing
  • leading 3 tiers of Tech. and Customer support
  • working closely with marketing analytics teams
  • and sitting in on user research sessions with 3rd party research companies.

the forward thinker…

As of lately my focus has been geared toward gaining more user research and front end development knowledge. I like to make proactive rather than reactive design decisions based on sound research and technical understandings.

core skills

User Research
5+ Years of experience 72%
Strategy/ App. Arch.
10+ Years of experience 88%
Graphic Design
10+ Years of experience 96%



Bobby is one of the best UX Strategist, Designer and Architect I have had the pleasure of working with. He is a champion of UX principles, courageous on behalf of the users and pragmatic in solving complex product challenges. Bobby is an asset to any team lucky enough to have him and I would love the opportunity to have him on my team again in the future. A real rock star!

Michael Tinglin –

Senior Product Designer / Innovation / Digital Transformation – CX/UX



Working with Bobby was always a pleasure. He is very easy to get along with and coordinate work. Work included extensive prototyping while doing a major shift in styling. Bobby’s personality is what shines, making work fun and engaging while juggling heavy duty design activities.

Todd alexander –

Visual UX Lead at Siemens



I had the pleasure of working with Bobby at 7-11 and he is one of the most talented designers I have ever collaborated with. Bobby was part of a team that viewed UX as merely pushing pixels and “making things look pretty.” With an uncommon amount of patience and wit, Bobby helped them understand the value of UX design – done properly – and was soon leading workshops and getting to talk to customers, which led to getting the design optimized for the end user, not the stakeholders. Bobby’s work speaks for itself – you wont’ find a better addition to your team.

jimmy ball –

Product Design + UX Strategy and Leadership



Email: [email protected]
Cell: 682-323-6169